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What we do.

The Corn Exchange is a flagship arts organisation in the heart of Newbury. Every year over 137,000 people access our activities; whether that’s for a live event, film, outdoor performance or participating in one of our workshops in our dedicated Learning Centre.

We also manage 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space at Greenham Business Park. Every year over 300 artists make outdoor performances here to be presented all over the world including our home turf in West Berkshire.

Recently we supported the launch of The Base – a newly created venue for visual arts and craft at Greenham Business Park. As a strategic partner we provide The Base with curatorial and marketing expertise and support and it is already proving to be a highly popular destination.

What we love about Newbury West Berkshire.

As well as the rolling countryside and areas of outstanding natural beauty, West Berkshire has great towns and villages that are bustling with energy. At the epicentre, there is always something happening in Newbury and the Corn Exchange is the jewel in the crown.

The local cultural offering punches well above its weight and makes the area a great place to live, visit and work.

Why we're involved in the Newbury West Berkshire Project.

As well as giving thousands of people a brilliant and entertaining night out the Corn Exchange is a significant contributor to the local economy. We drive high footfall into the town every year and connect people through shared experiences in neutral spaces.

Newbury West Berkshire EDC is our opportunity to make connections with the business sector and celebrate the value and importance of arts and culture in place-making and bringing communities together.

Newbury West Berkshire Stories...

Every year over 10,000 people attend our outdoor events in the town. One of my highlights was the People’s Tower in 2016 where we worked with French artist, Olivier Grossetete, to build a 25 foot replica of Donnington Castle out of cardboard boxes. It was a perfect summer’s day – not a cloud in sky with the sun beaming down, people in great spirits and the bars and restuarants in the Market Place packed to the rafters.

As our participants stacked layer upon layer of boxes on top of each other, every time the tower needed to be lifted, people from across the whole Market Place came over to help lift it; from the drinkers in the Wagon and Horses, the diners at Strada and Bills and people passing by.

It was a truly special occasion where the whole community came together to take pride in making something together. Whilst also having a pint in the sunshine. What could be better?

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