Liberty House, Greenham Business Park, Newbury, Berkshire, RG19 6HS

Chris Boulton

01635 817444

What does your company/organisation do?

A charitable trust – we manage Greenham Business Park (the former RAF Greenham Common airbase) and other property assets to generate surplus revenues for giving to the charitable projects in the community in west Berkshire and North Hampshire.

We also operate a web-based grant giving platform called the Good Exchange:

What do you love about Newbury West Berkshire?

The surrounding countryside, the transport connections and the wealth of cultural opportunities in the area.

Why are you involved in the Newbury West Berkshire EDC project?

As a significant stakeholder in the community to try to help the area compete on equal terms with other centres in the Thames Valley and south of England.

We all love good stories – please share one involving your organisation in relation to Newbury West Berkshire (the place/community).

Persuaded the trustees to build a new arts centre for the local community on Greenham Business Park, investing £1.5million in a facility that provides an exhibition space, café, artists studios and teaching accommodation.

In just four months we have seen over 4,000 visitors and have won an award as the best gallery in Berkshire. On a warm day it is great to see people enjoying food and drinks on the terrace outside the café – making the initial vision a reality.

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