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What we do.

Newbury Spring Festival is a glorious fortnight of world-class music in Newbury and its beautiful neighbouring villages, with up to 45 events in 18 venues, where international symphony orchestras, ensembles and soloists rub shoulders with jazz legends, world music artists and the stars of tomorrow.

The Festival was founded in 1979 to promote culture in the region by creating an annual festival accessible to all. It aims to bring excellent, new and innovative work from around the world to a variety of local venues adding to the economic and cultural well-being of the area, and to create opportunities for young people, existing and new audiences to enjoy the arts.

Newbury Spring Festival enjoys its reputation as one of the most important cultural events in the region, attracting audiences of several thousand each year from the Newbury, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and beyond.

What we love about Newbury West Berkshire.

The beauty of being within easy reach of so many places. We benefit from being close enough to London to attract the best artists to perform here and return in just a day, yet we’re far enough away from London to offer something unique.

As an organisation we have events across the region and reach thousands of local residents. There’s so much to do here, we’re proud to be part of that offering.

Why we're involved in the Newbury West Berkshire Project.

We believe in the benefit of working alongside others to promote the area and everything that goes on here. There are still plenty of people who don’t know about so much of what is here, which obviously includes the Festival.

Newbury West Berkshire Stories...

I’m sure there are many tales of the antics of musicians when coming to the Festival, perhaps some of which should remain secret!

One of the most memorable in recent times was perhaps when a conductor cancelled on the day of the concert. We were delighted to be able to find a replacement who thankfully only lived in Winchester. He knew Newbury well and knew about the Festival and where the concert was scheduled (St. Nicolas Church). Thankfully he was able to get here in time to conduct the afternoon rehearsal and concert. Perhaps testament to the good transport links that allowed him to get here in time!

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