Management Suite
1 Parkway Shopping Centre
RG14 1AY
01635 889 070

What we do.

Parkway Shopping offers an exclusive range of top fashion, lifestyle brands and fabulous independent retailers right in the heart of Newbury.

What we love about Newbury West Berkshire.

The untapped potential of the town, it has it all, heritage, retail, great transport links and the tech industry. Its sitting on the edge of greatness and its fantastic to be here to see it tip over the edge!

Why we're involved in the Newbury West Berkshire Project.

The push to get the area over into greatness cannot be provided by one specific agency. It will require the joined up working of the commercial and the public sectors to achieve this. We are involved as we want to be a part of making this happen.

Newbury West Berkshire Stories...

We love it when the town comes together, when we are all working as one to make Newbury even more awesome than it already is, take the Rock festival, we host the acoustic stage during the day the Market Square rocks out in the evening!
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