Snelsmore House, Snelsmore Common, Newbury, RG14 3BG

Andrew McKenzie

01635 881787

What does your company/organisation do?

Hospitality; hotels, restaurants, spas, golf and wine.

What do you love about Newbury West Berkshire?

The diversity – it has lots of great places to eat and drink and a lively art scene.

We are lucky enough to have beautiful country walks, yet be in close proximity to London and the coast.

Why are you involved in the Newbury West Berkshire EDC project?

In the 20 years I have been here, I have been involved with lots of local initiatives. I truly believe that we have so much to offer that the wider country is not aware of.

We all love good stories – please share one involving your organisation in relation to Newbury West Berkshire (the place/community).

Historically, I have organised for local hotels, Highclere Castle and Newbury Racecourse to all pull together regular programmes, where we have invited Press and Influencers to showcase the best of Newbury and West Berkshire.

This is something I would love to revive.

It would be great if we could get all ‘competing’ organisations pulling together for the greater good of the area and showcasing everything we have. What we have in Newbury is something envied in many other towns!

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