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Michael Olivier
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What we do.

Our services include mobile, fixed line, broadband and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We serve over 18 million mobile and fixed line customers in the UK, with 4G network coverage at 99%, and we are well positioned for the evolution to 5G.

In the broadband market, we connect about 0.5 million customers. We employ around 11,000 people across the UK, and operate more than 400 retail stores nationwide

What we love about Newbury West Berkshire.

I love that Newbury has a great balance between work & play with high quality access in and out of town with the M4 and direct rail lines to London.

There are some fabulous companies to work for coupled with a vibrant town centre offering great shopping options and places to relax and unwind over a nice glass of wine. In the summer, walks by the river and around the park are great for family time.

Why we're involved in the Newbury West Berkshire Project.

Newbury is where Vodafone started.  We remain one of the large employers in the area and with our new technology centre which we are currently building at our Newbury HQ, we will ensure that Newbury continues to play an important role in our story.

I have a personal pride and commitment to the Town as well, I live here with my wife & daughter and my wife has recently set up her own small business by the clock tower so it’s important to help the local economy prosper.

Newbury West Berkshire Stories...

Vodafone UK started life in The Courtyard offices, just behind a curry house, near the Clocktower at the bottom of Northbrook Street. However our rapid rise saw us spread across the town and by 2001, we occupied around 65 buildings across the town.  In August 2002, we opened our new headquarters at Shaw.

Newbury is where a number of UK firsts took place, such as the first ever mobile voice call in 1985, first text message in 1992 and the first 5G holographic call last year.

Earlier this year we announced that we had switched on live 5G testing in Newbury as part of its UK-wide trial of the new, high-speed mobile service.

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